20 Other Ways to Say ‘Looking Forward to Working With You’

Effective Communication at your workplace is the key to success. It not only boosts your enthusiasm but also results in better communication with your colleagues, clients, and partners.

While the phrase ‘Looking Forward to Working with You’ is often used, at times it can become repetitive.

It is necessary to ‘stand out from the crowd’ if you want to make an impact at your workplace, especially among your senior colleagues. 

Let’s take a look at 20 other ways to keep your work interactions engaging and professional and add more to your statements over just saying ‘Looking Forward to Working With You’ from time to time.

Each alternative way to say ‘Looking Forward to Working With You’ offers a unique dialogue that allows you to communicate more effectively.

Alternative Ways to Say ‘Looking Forward to Working With You’

  • Anticipating collaborating with you.
  • Eager to begin our partnership.
  • Excited about the opportunity to work together. 
  • Anxiously awaiting our joint efforts. 
  • Enthusiastic about our forthcoming cooperation.
  • Thrilled to team up with you. 
  • Keen to get started on our projects. 
  • Looking ahead to our collaborative endeavors. 
  • Ready and enthusiastic for our working relationship. 
  • Counting down the days until we work together.
  • Can’t wait to begin working alongside you. 
  • Awaiting the chance to work together. 
  • Eagerly anticipating our shared tasks. 
  • Excitedly preparing for our cooperation. 
  • Enthusiastically awaiting our joint ventures. 
  • Thrilled about our upcoming work together. 
  • Positively Looking forward to our Partnership. 
  • Amped up for our collaborative efforts. 
  • Ecstatic to Embark on our Shared Projects. 
  • Absolutely Delighted to Work Alongside You. 

By incorporating these phrases into your communication, you can give a fresh and personalized touch while also maintaining a positive outlook.

Remember that the key to effective communication also depends on the enthusiastic delivery and not just words.

So whether you’re addressing a meeting, sending an email, or making a phone call, choose your words wisely to express an eager and enthusiastic tone.

Here’s a look at how each of these individual phrases helps you in communicating better by not using ‘Looking Forward to Working With You’.

Anticipating Collaborating with You

Using this phrase signifies a sense of readiness and eagerness to commence a joint project. This phrase conveys that you are fully prepared to work together and excited about the new opportunity.

It sets a positive tone for partnership and indicates that you view it as a positive endeavor and is a great alternative for saying ‘Looking Forward to Working With You’.

Eager to Begin our Partnership

Expressing eagerness emphasizes your enthusiasm and willingness to initiate a productive partnership.

It communicates your commitment to embark on a new journey with your colleague or partner and highlights your positive attitude towards potential success.

Excited about the Opportunity to Work Together

Excitement is a powerful emotion that can inspire others. When you express your excitement about the opportunity to collaborate, you convey your enthusiasm and create a sense of anticipation and positivity about the impending partnership. This is a great alternative to saying ‘Looking Forward to Working With You’.

Anxiously Awaiting Our Joint Efforts

While “anxiously” may suggest a degree of impatience, in this context, it underscores your eagerness and anticipation for the collaboration to begin.

It’s a way of saying that you can hardly contain your excitement and are eager to dive into the shared projects. This not only sets the tone but also is another option for saying ‘Looking Forward to Working With You’.

Enthusiastic About our Forthcoming Cooperation

Enthusiasm is contagious, especially in a work environment. It states that you’re looking forward to the upcoming opportunity and are likely to inspire a similar feeling in your colleagues or partners.

It conveys not only your willingness but also your thrill for the upcoming collaboration and is best used instead of ‘Looking Forward to Working With You’.

Thrilled to Team up with you

The word ‘thrilled’ adds an extra layer of excitement to your anticipation. It suggests that you are not just willing but genuinely excited at the prospect of working together as a team.

Using this is a much better choice than saying ‘Looking Forward to Working With You’ which sets a very basic tone.

Keen to Get Started on Our Projects

‘Keen’ signifies eagerness as well as a strong desire to initiate the work. It showcases your proactive approach and readiness to engage in the project.

It is a strong highlight to you as a person and how much the project’s success means to you. 

Looking Ahead to Our Collaborative Endeavors

When you say you are looking ahead, it indicates that you already have foreseen the work environment in which you and your team will be working together.

It suggests that you are well-prepared to face the challenges along the way and the eagerness to tackle them. 

Ready and Enthusiastic for Our Working Relationship

Combining readiness with enthusiasm leaves no doubt about how eager you are to work with your team.

It communicates your preparedness along with your genuine excitement for the working relationship and is a much better way of saying ‘Looking Forward to Working With You’.

Counting Down the Days Until We Work Together

Using this phrase will add a visual element to your conversation. The person/colleague will see your eagerness for the project and also awaken a sense of excitement in them. 

Advantages of not saying ‘Looking Forward to Working With You’

These were just a few phrases that were explained in slightly more detail. Readers can use any of these in a way they see fit instead of using ‘Looking Forward to Working With You’.

There are 5 key elements to these phrases which make the most impact and are a better alternative way to saying ‘looking forward to working with you’.

  • Verb Forms (Eagerly, Enthusiastically, Anticipating)
  • Modifiers (Can’t wait, Counting Down Days)
  • Prepositional Phrases (to begin our partnership, for our collaborative efforts)
  • Noun Phrases (our shared tasks, our joint ventures)
  • Possessive Forms (our partnership, our forthcoming cooperation)

It’s these simple additions of words that can make a greater impact on the conversation and uplift your status at the workplace.

Incorporating these alternative phrases into your professional communication will infuse a personalized touch while maintaining the formal tone overall.

Using these phrases instead of the typical ‘Looking Forward to Working With You’ will guarantee you success at your workplace.

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